Being Intentional Online Course

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Being Intentional

Do you find yourself dissatisfied with an aspect or two in your relationship? Are you wondering what to do to create more of what you desire with your partner? Do you find your relationship barely surviving or in the land of status quo? Are you running day to day on autopilot, just hoping that your relationship would change? Have you ever questioned where the time is going? If you answered yes, to one or more of these questions then join us for the transformational online mini-course on Being Intentional.

Being intentional means doing things on purpose and mindfully. Just imagine the impact that intentional living could have on your relationship. Credentialed life coaches, Steve and Cella  Hartline share real life examples and discuss multiple tips and techniques that when implemented can immediately shift your relationship toward developing more of what you desire. Begin your relationship transformation today!   

This training includes:

A 44 minute video training session.

Handout with several reflection questions and best tips to take you deeper into your awareness.

Course Objectives: 

Understands the transformational power of being intentional in relationship
Chooses to become intentional within the partnership
Explores the impact of protection vs growth behaviors in the dyad
Implements mindfulness into daily activities
Designs an action plan for desired relationship
Defines accountability for the relationship outcome
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