Deepening Friendship In Relationship Course

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Deepening Friendship In Relationship

The key to a successful relationship is a foundation of friendship. A deeply intimate friendship increases the chances of maintaining a long-term relationship. Is it time to reboot your relationship back to the foundation of friendship? Do you find yourself asking is this all there is when you think about your relationship? How quickly many couples forget about friendship in the midst of the day to day challenges, stressors, time constraints, misunderstandings and on-going unresolvable arguments. This list could go on and on. 

The good news is that in this on-line learning opportunity, Steve and Cella Hartline, credentialed life coaches who are married will share real life examples, reflections and multiple tips on how to return to friendship within your relationship. Living this out first hand in their own experience, required them to reestablish a stable foundation of “liking each other” before they could return to “loving each other.”

Join us to take a deep dive into the fundamental criteria of friendship as the base of relationship. Tools, tips and techniques will be given throughout the experience. In addition to the video training you will also receive a self-reflective workbook to further engage in dialogue with your partner about this essential ingredient of a healthy and successful relationship.

Are you ready for a friendship reboot? What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Course Objectives: 

Reconnects to the foundation of intimate friendship
Reestablishes and redefines the behaviors important in friendship
Determines shared meaning and purpose within the relationship
Honors differences within partnership
Engages in self-reflective activities to deepen the learning
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