Forgiveness Workshop

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Forgiveness Workshop

Are you experiencing hurt in your partner relationship?

Are you searching for more: Inner peace? Healing of your heart? Self- acceptance? Deeper meaning from the trials and tribulations we face as humans in relationships? Emotional freedom from those who have hurt you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this online-course is for you.

Together we will explore the topic of forgiveness and the healing that comes to each of us as we make the choice to forgive ourselves and others who have hurt us. Exercising forgiveness brings healing into our relationship(s).

In this training, Steve and Cella Hartline, ICF Credentialed life coaches, will walk through their own personal journey of finding true forgiveness, after intense betrayal and hurt. Throughout the experience, they will share from a vulnerable space on what worked and didn’t work on the journey of healing their deep spiritual and emotional wounds together. In doing so, they will offer real life examples of the key elements necessary on a forgiveness journey.

This program includes: a video training and a self-reflective workbook.

Don’t miss out on the transformational power of forgiveness. Join us today!

What you will receive:

A link to a 45 minute video training.
A workbook that will take you deeper into the subject by asking you multiple clarifying questions.

Course Objectives: 

Explores the health benefits of forgiveness
Understands the transformational aspects of forgiveness 
Deepens the heart-centered awareness of the change required to forgive
Prepares for forgiveness of self and others
Selects from several best tips 

Additional benefits received from this training 

  • Commits to boundaries
  • Learns skills of unconditional love
  • Understands the roles within the drama triangle
  • ​Chooses equal power in relationship
  • ​Reclaims voice
  • ​Reframes Story
  •  Lightens emotional and spiritual baggage
  • ​Experiences freedom and a fresh start
  • ​Exercises choice
  • ​Summons courage
  • ​Honors self as being human
  • ​Taps into divine love
  •  Seek truth always
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