Maslow's Hierarchy Relationship Style  
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Maslow's Hierarchy Relationship Style  

In order for a relationship to thrive, it must be built upon on a solid and intentional foundation first. The challenge is identifying and constructing from the necessary building blocks to move from survival mode to reaching your highest potential as a couple.

This workshop puts a relationship twist on psychologist Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs motivational theory published in 1943. This theory is still widely utilized by psychologists of modern day.

In this mini on-line course, Steve and Cella Hartline, ICF Credentialed Life Coaches will review the five foundational elements of Maslow’s Hierarchy pyramid. Focus will be placed on the components of basic needs, safety/security needs, love/belonging, building self-esteem and becoming the best partners you can be in a relationship. Steve and Cella will share real life examples for designing each level from a relationship perspective. From the ideas generated throughout this training, you together will be charged with intentionally developing your own pyramid to strengthen your relationship in order to reach your highest potential and become the dynamic duo you set out to become.

Start strengthening your relationship today!

This training includes:

A 41 minute video training session.

A workbook that will take you deeper into the subject by asking you multiple clarifying questions.

Course Objectives: 

Reviews Maslow’s Hierarchy Pyramid
Establishes foundational needs for partnership
Explores safety and security elements
Discusses individual love and belonging needs as a duo

Determines self-esteem requirements together
Strives toward highest potential as a couple
Integrates learning and designs a personal relationship pyramid
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