Resistance To Change

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Resistance To Change

The key to transformation in your relationship is the ability to adapt, adjust, and embrace change. The capacity to be mindful and intentional increases the chances of growth in a long-term relationship. Now is the time to push through the resistance that has been holding you back!

In this on-line mini-course, Steve and Cella Hartline, married credentialed life coaches, will share real life examples, reflections and multiple tips on how to recognize habitual patterns in your relationship. They will also offer techniques to help establish healthier habits and choices.

Join us and dive into the benefits of moving through change. The tools, tips and techniques can be immediately integrated into your relationship. The change can start right now!

You will also receive a self-reflective workbook that goes along with the video training. Use this tool to deepen the learning and further engage with you partner.

Sign up today and embrace change into your partnership? Sign up now!

What you will receive:

A link to a 39 minute video training.
A workbook that will take you deeper into the subject by asking you multiple clarifying questions.

Course Objectives: 

Becomes aware of habitual patterns
Deepens awareness of why behaviors happen
Determines how habits serve current needs within the relationship
Honors growth through reward
Engages in self-reflective activities to deepen the learning
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