What are you Noticing?

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What are you Noticing?

In order to be present in a relationship, you need to notice what is happening. It is even more important to notice what comes easy for you and what is difficult in order to ask for support. In order for relationships to thrive, it is necessary to notice.

The challenge is that we are too busy “doing” to notice how we are “being”.

This workshop puts the focus on mindfully reflecting on what it is that you desire and who you are becoming in order to achieve that goal or growth. There is only observation in this process. There is no judgement.

In this on-line mini- course, Steve and Cella Hartline, ICF Credentialed Life Coaches will assist you in checking-in on your progress toward goals you want to achieve within your relationship.. Focus will be placed on self-reflection rather than living up to anyone else’s standards. Steve and Cella will share real life examples for you to deepen your learning.

Start noticing what has been in the way of you and your relationship today!

What you will receive:

A link to a 43 minute video training.
A workbook that will take you deeper into the subject by asking you multiple clarifying questions.

Course Objectives: 

Notices self-sabotaging behaviors
Establishes regular check-ins
Recommits to short-term goals in order to make long-term growth
Gets clear on what is behind the patterns of resistance
Learns how to reframe perspectives
Re-establishes support and accountability
Commits to celebrating growth victories
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