Where Are You Short-Circuited Course?

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Where Are You Short Circuited?

Do you find yourself desiring to have a deeper understanding of your partner? Do you find yourself ever wondering where your partner is coming from? Ever find yourself saying, “I don’t even know what is happening between us” when attempting to talk through situations? If you answered yes to any of these questions, there is a really good chance that you are experiencing a fundamental short circuit between the two of you. In this workshop we will explore some innate differences between men and women which will be helpful in bridging the communication gap that couples often find themselves in.
Steve and Cella Hartline, credentialed life coaches will guide you through these major differences to help you avoid the preventable “short circuits” common in relationships. During this training you will hear real life examples that can derail what you are trying to create in your relationship. Together we will explore the “wiring” differences and the impact they have on a relationship. Multiple tips and techniques will be shared allowing you to quickly integrate skills toward improving your relationship by shifting your perspectives.

Are you ready to understand your wiring differences? Join us today!

This training includes:

A 33 minute video training session.

Handout with several reflection questions and best tips to take you deeper into your awareness.

Course Objectives: 

Learns “wiring” patterns specific to gender 
Notices and responds proactively to potential short-circuits
Recognizes “On/Off” switch and “Always On” switch
Honors differences in how our circuits communicate internally and externally
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